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Helping Residents Amid Covid-19 Pandemic, Infantry Battalion 411 Kostrad Distribute Basic Food at the RI-PNG Border

Helping Residents Amid Covid-19 Pandemic, Infantry Battalion 411 Kostrad Distribute Basic Food at the RI-PNG Border

SULSEL INFO ■  In order to ease the burden on the community in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, TNI Soldiers from the 411 / Pandawa Raider Mechanical Infantry Battalion (Battalion MR 411 / Pdw) Kostrad who were members of the RI-PNG Pamtas Task Force, shared happiness by using basic food packages for Bupul Village , Eligobel Transportation.

This was conveyed by Dansatgas Pamtas RI-PNG Yonif MR 411 / Pdw Kostrad Mayor Inf Rizky Aditya S. Sos., M.Han., In a written release in Merauke, Papua, Sunday (05/03/2020).

Furthermore Dansatgas said that the food packages that were distributed to the community was a form of caring for the personnel of the Satgas PamtasYonif MR 411 / Pdw Kostrad to the target residents in the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

"In the midst of the current pandemic corona virus outbreak, our helping hands are urgently needed by special citizens at the RI-PNG border to help alleviate their basic daily needs," he said.

The distribution of groceries which was held on Sunday (05/03/2020) morning, this time was shared by the Kalimaro Post to fostered residents in Eligobel District. "Precisely in Kampung Bupul, we go to the residents' houses to the door by asking for a distance, wearing masks, and washing their hands before and after the activity," he explained.

Dansatgas expressed the assistance in the form of basic food as a sense of caring for others in the middle of the current Covid-19 pandemic. "The food that we provide consists of rice, instant noodles, biscuits and so on, we hope all of these things can ease the burden on society," he said.

While touring the private village also appealed to the community not to do activities outside the home if it is not important, always keep a distance, and maintain cleanliness by frequently washing hands, and always wearing a mask when leaving the house.

"Keep following the Government regulations, pray together that the corona virus will quickly disappear, and we can all move back to normal," he said.

Meanwhile, Danki A Battalion Task Force MR 411 / Pdw Kostrad Lettu Inf Agus Wibowo, S.T.Han., Said that the distribution of food was related to the Pos Kalimaro target area for this matter in Kampung Bupul. "Groceries given to residents living in the border region of the Republic of Indonesia-PNG special post, can easily help save residents in the midst of the corona virus pandemic," he said.

A thank you was conveyed by one of the residents of Kampung Bupul, Mr. Letus Yolmen (34), to the Battalion Task Force MR 411 / Pdw Kostrad in this case Pos Kalimaro. "Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen of the Indonesian Military Command Post, for their care and assistance, we pray together easily - inviting the corona virus to leave Indonesia immediately," he said.(A2M)

Pasi Intel Satgas Yonif MR 411 / Pdw Kostrad, First Lieutenant Asep Saepudin, S.T. Han


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